Fact or Fiction: The longest certified foot race is 3,100 miles but takes place on only one city block.

runners running on wet pavement

“How do you define a real running race? It's a real running race when you have to cut your hair in the middle of the race. All other races are just considered sprints.” - Ashprihanal Aalato

Fact: The longest certified foot race, the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence Race, stretches to over 3,000 miles. Completing this race is equal to running across the United States -- and then doing 11 more marathons. 

But hey, the scenery has to be nice! Except that this race actually involves running around the same extended city block in Queens, New York, 5,649 times. Runners have to complete it within 52 days, which means they have to keep a pace of at least 59.6 miles per day between 6 a.m. and midnight. Ashprihanal Aalato holds the race record, finishing in just over 40 days with a mind-blowing average pace of 76.7 miles per day. Even more mind-boggling, many competitors have completed this race multiple times.  


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